Top 10 Favorite Things 2021!

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Blog


It is our responsibility as parents and caregivers to provide our children with the tools & resources needed to help them grow into happy, functioning adults.

We recently gifted our twin toddlers with survival swim lessons and it was the best decision my husband and I have ever made as parents.

I had heard about ISR: Infant Swimming Resource through clients and other peers, but was always mortified by the videos online. ‘Omg they just throw your baby into a pool and make them figure it out- how traumatizing! ‘ Needless to say, I was intrigued. After reading one positive review after another, with the emphasis on the fact that ISR SAVED their own child’s life, I knew I had to explore it further. I am so grateful I did!

“There are a lot of misconceptions around survival swim lessons. They aren’t aggressive and they won’t scar your child or leave them fearful of the water. Children learn to self-rescue in the event of an emergency but they also learn to respect the water, how to problem solve and most importantly they gain an immense amount of confidence in themselves!” – Miss @alurabuckner.

You can find a local ISR group near you here

LITTLE CROWN INTERIORS: “YOUR PERFECT NURSERY: A Step-by-Step Approach to Creating the Nursery of Your Dreams”

Naomi Coe of @littlecrowninteriors is the author of “YOUR PERFECT NURSERY: A Step-by-Step Approach to Creating the Nursery of Your Dreams.” It is the perfect baby shower gift for the mama-to-be in your life who appreciates interior / nursery design! It explores the top trends in nursery design and also offers tips on how to design a safe nursery!


Bright Littles was built when Tara Ballentine realized she didn’t have the age-appropriate tools to navigate challenging conversations with her daughter. From social and racial injustices, to a global pandemic, health, safety and more – it felt impossible for Tara to delicately approach her daughter about topics that seemed so big for her little world. But the truth is, kids are ready to dive into these types of conversations sooner than you think! By creating a fun and engaging way to present these topics, she made learning about the tough stuff easy again!

Tara designed Convo Cards, the perfect way to spark a meaningful conversation with your bright little ones. Whether you’re at the dinner table or on a road trip, each card is designed to start an ongoing conversation that will encourage confidence, kindness, compassion, and more.

Purchase your Convo Cards today!


Every Body Talk is intended to be an introduction to age-appropriate conversations about body safety, child abuse prevention, and ultimately sexual assault prevention. With this book as a guide, healthy conversations are easier so they can happen earlier in children’s lives. You are accomplishing a major first step in ensuring child safety – that you and your child can discuss anything of concern when it comes to them and their body

Child protection is a lifelong conversation, and Every Body Talk is only the beginning.

@erinlevitasfdn @everybodytalkbook


Order your copy today!


Keith Haring’s artwork has been expertly scaled and colored by @EttaLoves’ consultant orthoptist specifically to support babies’ visual and cognitive development throughout their first year.

The patterns also encourage your baby to use their back, neck and shoulder muscles (helping them prepare for rolling and crawling) as you’ll notice them trying to push up to make more sense of the print before them.

It comes in their gorgeous box packaging with a band to hold the mat together when rolled up – making it perfect for home and away.

Size: Circular – 39in diameter

Made from: Outer – Organic cotton. Inner: Polyester padding

Machine washable to make your life easier too.

Shop all play mats here


Gail Gould, M.Ed. @thecprandsafetylady has been a professional CPR instructor for over 30 years and trained 10k people to save lives. Her mission is that no parent ever loses a child to choking.

Contact her to book training in:

* infant and child CPR
* infant and child choking relief

Feel free to contact Gail directly with any questions


Consider gifting your kiddos with an @ActiveKids2 membership!

When you join Active Kids 2.0 you receive: Unlimited access to on-demand active kids classes- at home! Their interactie videos will keep your kiddos engaged, energized and active!  They have workouts designed for toddlers, K-8, teens and serious athletes.

For information or to get your membership to Active Kids 2.0 today, visit


We are happy to introduce you to the Air-X 2-Stage Crib Mattress from Bedgear. Engineered for optimal air flow and chemical free, the mattress provides a safe, comfortable and clean sleeping environment.

Designed for “two stages”, the mattress has one side with a firm surface for babies 0-12 months and a softer, adaptive side for toddlers 12 months and up. The cool-to-touch cover is also washable and waterproof.

Our twins LOVe their toddler mattress.. they say it is like “sleeping on a cloud!”


Jam with Jamie
’s family approved program is designed to support the learning and development of children ages 2-5 and is built to meet your needs. They will match an experienced teaching artist to your family and adapt our curriculum to your family’s schedule, bringing creative activities in movement, crafts, sensory explorations, play, and of course, music! Available for small groups or 1:1. Their teaching artists are $35-$65/hour, depending on the number of children participating. ????️⠀

USE CODE JamNannyLeague15 to receive a discount!


We are thrilled to have found @Tinkergarten for our toddlers! A fun, interactive and safe way for kids to learn outdoors!

Tinkergarten helps families get outside to make the most of their kids’ early learning years. Designed by education experts and loved by all families, our play-based outdoor curriculum guides parents in raising healthy, confident, and capable kids. Through live, weekly sessions, an at-home curriculum, and a rich learning community, Tinkergarten makes purposeful outdoor play doable for every family.

Sign up for classes today!