The Nanny League: where passion meets excellence. We pride ourselves on providing support equally to both our clients and candidates alike. Your overall well-being is of utmost importance to us, so we are here to help you navigate the process of taking on the role of either the household employer or the household employee. We hold your hand throughout each step and serve as continued support throughout your employment/ journey with your new hire!

For Nannies+

Whether you have been a nanny for decades or are just getting started, these resources will help you prepare for placements with any family you work with. Because your success is important to us, we want you to feel equipped and ready to rock it when starting with your next family. The Nanny League strives to be an advisor and advocate for nannies. We invite you to utilize these resources each new step of the way!

For Families

Hiring and employing a nanny is an exciting life transition! Because of its importance, it can seem overwhelming. Your nanny will become an extension of your family and will ultimately help you to raise your child(ren). It’s important to not only make the right hiring decision but also to understand what’s involved in starting and maintaining a productive and functional family/nanny working relationship. It’s our goal to help this transition flow as smoothly as possible. We gathered these resources so that you can implement the best practices regarding employing a nanny. We hope these will be beneficial to you during this process!